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Eva Maria Lee, a native German, grew up in rural Bavaria before she moved to the city of Frankfurt, Germany where she pursued her studies of architecture.  She received her degree in architecture in 1985 and proceeded to work as an architect in the Frankfurt area while raising a family. During this time she increasingly focused on art, especially on painting.


While she has always been creative, attending architecture school strengthened her interest in art and ignited her love for painting. Her curriculum included training in various techniques of art such as watercolor, drawing, pastels, collage and modelling. In 1989 she began studying large scale acrylic painting under the contemporary German artist Birgit Luxenburger in Mainz.  Eva increasingly sought to define her own expression in abstract painting. Through continuous practice as a painter and various work shops she gained experience and was soon invited to exhibit her work in group and solo shows in Germany, France and England. In 1998, she went back to university for graduate studies in art at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. She completed her master class painting studies in 2000.


In 2003, Eva and her family moved to the USA settling in Newburyport, MA. Since 2004 she has been painting in her studio in Amesbury, MA. She has been active in the artist community in Amesbury and Newburyport, participating in numerous shows and events. She has been teaching painting classes at the Bunker Hill Community College in Boston as well in her studio. She currently teaches drawing in her studio.






Eva M. Lee’s work is inspired by nature and architectural concepts, especially Bauhaus ideas and has been influenced by expressionist painters such as Kandinsky, Muenter and Macke. In her work, Lee is searching for simple and reduced shapes and decisive, often bold color schemes, trying to capture and express the essential. She works with different surface structures, layering or using open color spaces. Her work is abstract even though many of her pieces might create visions of inner or outer landscapes. She doesn’t intend to represent but merely to suggest and she wants to leave it up to viewers to find their own paths into the painting, their own views, and their own images.


Eva Maria Lee has exhibited in Germany, England, France and the United States and her work is included in numerous collections in Europe and the US.



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14 Cedar St, Amesbury, MA 01913,
Eva Maria Lee Studio #302

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