Back to Nature

During these unprecedented times of the coronavirus crisis, we are all finding ourselves facing restrictions, challenges and changes to our life at the very least. Those of us who are lucky, are healthy, have enough to eat and are able to pay for their regular expenses. Still - social distancing and being held back from leading the life as we know it, takes a toll on us.

On one hand I find myself liking the peace and quiet at home and the lack of pressure for constant activity and on the other hand I'm going stir-crazy for not being able to be as productive as I wished to be, for not being able to meet with people, not being able to travel or go shopping for whatever I'd like to - and for not being able to go to my studio. I have not felt safe to go there ever since the crisis started.

Instead, for the most part, I have been staying home during these last nine weeks. I got one half tank of gas for my car once during the whole time. I'm hardly driving these days. But I do go out for long walks every day, most of the time to Maudslay State Park which is close enough for me walk to. I feel so fortunate! These walks have saved my sanity. More than ever I have noticed how much I need the connection to nature whether it is the forest or the beach. There, out in nature, I feel my batteries recharging and I come up with ideas. The chatter in my head quiets down, my mind seems to get aligned and I can see clearer. The air, the aromas, the sounds and of course the sight of all the growing and living things nourish my whole being. I discover something every day, a new shoot, an interesting bird song, a face in a tree, a little flower that beckons to look closer. They are often little things but they are all letting me feel the connection to life. In this sense, I guess, the coronavirus-crisis has brought me to my senses!

Walks in Maudslay State Park, a Mother's Day outing to Rye Harbor, and culinary joy at home.